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Choreographers: Sam Wood-Rawnsley,Kelly Nash, Grace Woolett & Mikayla Thomas, Shani Dickins & Jahra Rager, Serene Lorimer

[1 hour]

at Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre, Auckland
From 28 Nov 2012 to 29 Nov 2012

Reviewed by:  Raewyn Whyte;

Curator's statement: 

The Beaten Track began last year. It was initially intended to be a once off, but this year I went overseas for the first time. Of the dance that I saw while I was over there, I realised that what we have in New Zealand is pretty special; it's just as good, sometimes better. I confirmed my already occurring realisation that my adolescent dreams of leaving for the “amazing world of European dance” can be satisfied here.

In New Zealand we have world class dance.

So we need to keep building our resources, our support, our ambition; constantly.

I don't think we have enough at the moment. Maybe they don't overseas either but that is not my concern. My concern is the dance industry I am a part of.

So now The Beaten Track is a chance for a few of us to make work, trial it on an audience and then if it keeps working out, go away, change a few things and try it again on another audience a bit later on.

Enjoy the show. I know it's good. I know that if it was shown anywhere in the world it would still be good.

I am glad you are here to enjoy this night of dance with us!

Dancers: Sam Wood-Rawnsley & Jess Quaid, Kelly Nash, Becca Oram, Jahra Rager, Larissa Hunter, Livvi Lloyd, Phoebe Heyhoe, Sarah Mills & Stacey Ross, Shani Dickins & Jahra Rager, Annabel Harrison, Nicole Rowlan, am Wood-Rawnsley & Shannon Mutu, Georgie Goater, Zahra Killeen-Chance, Tallulah Holly Massey, Jessie McCall