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Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT)
Producer: Andrea Wiechern
Music: Tane Upjohn-Beatson
Lights: Darryn Woods

at Gryphon, Wellington
From 4 Dec 2012 to 15 Dec 2012

Reviewed by:  John Smythe;

From an improvised pantomime to misbehaving puppets; from heartwarming fundraising to the end of civilisation itself! This December, Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) presents 'A Christmas Cracker' – two weeks of improvised theatre that promises comedy, charitable Christmas cheer, pantomime horses and more surprises than a leaked Ministry document.  

We open tomorrow night, and despite the short notice, we'd love to see you there. WIT offers you a complimentary double pass to the opening night each of our different shows: 


Micetro (4-7 Dec @ 7pm)  

Duets (4-7 Dec @ 8:30pm)

Puppets vs People (6, 7, 14 Dec @ 10pm)

Impro Panto (11, 12, 14 Dec @ 7pm)

Apocalimpro (11, 12, 14 Dec @ 8:30pm)

We also have a charitable event – Impro Unwrapped on Dec 13 @ 7pm.

Read more about the different shows here:  

Micetro: line-up for 4 December 2012*

2 - Mike Kmiec
3 - Annika Naschitzki
4 - Christine Brooks
5 - Mike Webster
6 - David Wansbrough
7 - Barry Miskimmin
8 - Adam Williamson
9 - Lyndon Hood
10 - Ali Little  
11 - Rose Andaloro

Host - Matt Hutton
Director - Geoff Simmons

Duets: line-up for 4 December 2012*

Tables and Chairs
Ali Little and Tai Samaeli

Southern Men:
Geoff Simmons and Lyndon Hood

Garrett and MacKenzie:
Christine Brooks and Barry Miskimmin

Creative Lead: Jennifer O'Sullivan

*There will be different casts for both shows each night.