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Creator / performers Thomas LaHood and Jo Randerson
Produced by Adrienne Roberts and Emma White
Presented by Barbarian Productions

[1 hr]

at Barbarian Art Hut at diverse public locations, Wellington
From 15 Feb 2013 to 3 Mar 2013

Reviewed by:  Nancy Catherine Fulford;

“Because theatre can be IN TENTS.”  

A free public theatre experience for all ages.

Wig Wam Jam is an interactive street performance which invites children, adults – all comers – as well as more well known ‘guest performers' to enter into a tent where their improvisations and goof-arounds are filmed. A limited array of costumes and props are available in the tent for use during the improvisations and audience are also invited to bring their own.

The tent will appear at diverse public locations including Newtown, Civic Square, Chaffers Park and Parliament.  Highlights from the tent will be uploaded to a Facebook page and website so that online audiences can follow the tent's progress around the city.

Thomas LaHood and Jo Randerson lead the project as co-creators and performers with Adrienne Roberts and Emma White (formerly of Cuba Creative) as producers. Barbarian Productions has over ten years experience mounting successful works (Absolutely Positively Walking, Banging Cymbal Clanging Gong, Cracks in the Garden) see for more info. 

“This show combines our favourite things about theatre: dressing up and playing around with people in the street.  We can't wait to see what amazing things people will do!” – Thomas LaHood 

The Barbarian name is associated with fiercely original work and our company has won ‘most original concept at several Fringe awards – most recently in 2006 with our ‘Absolutely Positively Walking' guided tours.  We are well known for our skill with wigs and outlandish costumes and we look forward to combining these with digital technologies to create a project of great versatility and reach.

Venue: Barbarian Art Hut, more details coming soon (see link below)
Dates: February, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 | March, 1, 2, 3 
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: 60mins
Prices: Free / Koha 

MORE and ONGOING INFORMATION can be found at