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Directed/Written by Lucia Farron-Diamantis, Lewis Gregory, Lana Mackintosh
presented by THREE QUEENS

[1hr 30mins]

at Alleluya Bar and Café, Auckland
From 27 Feb 2013 to 1 Mar 2013

Reviewed by:  Melissa Fergusson;


Darling Today We're Going to Die is a unique theatrical experience set in iconic St.Kevin's Arcade on Karangahape Road from February 27th, developed by up-and-coming production company THREE QUEENS.

With the end of the world looming, we find a group of constantly arguing friends in a central Auckland flat-oblivious to the fact that they are existing in the hours just before a global catastrophe.

As human beings we live our whole lives in mystery. It's the looming futility of our existence that scares us as intelligent human creatures. However, it's the little things that count. Throughout our time on Earth, rituals big and small have served to distract us from the knowledge that our time here is severely limited.

In a world increasingly ruled by the internet and by various other electronic devices, it's still a basic fact that people love to be with other people. The power of a hug, the potency of a smile or a frown are things that connect us uniquely as human beings. The precious moments we all share are what is important; going out with friends, having a laugh or even sitting down to dinner with your flatmates.

This is the reality that Tiffany, George, Cameron Samir and Margo find themselves in. What is supposed to be a homely fact dinner swells into a growing mess of arguments set against the (unknown to them) coming of the apocalypse. Despite their differences and their flaws, the flat comes to the eventual acceptance that basic human connection is what creates the most important moments in their lives, and that in fact, darling, today they're going to die.

Darling Today We're Going to Die explores the strain of personal relationships and the eventual acceptance of human imperfections, faults and weaknesses in the wake of the inevitable- the end of the world.

The artists and collaborators of this piece offer a dazzling and powerful mix of dance, visual media, music and audience interaction- all adapted for a theatre environment to give the audience an experience they won't soon forget.

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Darling, Today We're Going to Die plays

27th – 1st March, 7pm (except March 1st – 8pm)
Duration: 90 mins Venue: Alleluya, St Kevin's Arcade
Tickets: Koha