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by Alice May Connolly

at Nineteen Tory Street, Wellington
From 6 Mar 2013 to 9 Mar 2013

Reviewed by:  Charlotte Simmonds;

How would you squeeze your zits if you didn't have a reflection?  

Vampimple, is writer and performer Alice May Connolly's debut theatre work to be performed during the 2013 Wellington Fringe Festival.

It's hard enough being a vampire these days let alone having a face ravaged by acne. Vampimple is a peculiar story about a teenage vampire, Vampimple (Connolly) and her quest for friendship, love, and clear skin. The story is a semi-autobiographical account of Connolly's struggle with acne as a teen, fused with fantastical imaginings of undead alienation.

Throughout this tender and comedic journey through the idiosyncratic psyche of a hungry bloodsucker, the spectator becomes witness to Connolly's personal confession, and erotic fantasies. The show's director and recent Toi Whakaari acting graduate, Jonathan Power plays her make-believe lovers. Of Connolly, Power says, "I find it slightly disconcerting that she drinks blood from a juice-box and then bursts it on the floor, but then again, I did that when I was younger too. There really isn't that much difference between us if you look past her animalistic urges, guileless fatuity, and pockmarked complexion, you know".

For fans of Buffy (not Twilight), Vampimple is a unique, hilarious, and somewhat-true account of one little vampire's huge bursting pustules, and desire for love. 

6, 8, 9 March, 8:30pm,
Nineteen Tory Street.
Entrance is by koha.
To secure seats email Alice at, .