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Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2013
by Harry Meech
Remote Fiction Theatre

at Lakeside Court, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton
From 20 Feb 2013 to 23 Feb 2013
[30 mins]

Reviewed by Brenda Rae Kidd, 21 Feb 2013

See? Unfortunately I didn't. I thought this play was about a murderer having to atone to God for his sins. 

See? is one act from Plains, written by Wellington Playwright Harry Meech and directed by Nicholas Sturgess-Monks. On research I have discovered that Plains is actually five short plays about seven people's struggle to survive the end of the world. A black comedy, as it were.

Oh.  Now I get it!

I got lost in the intellectual dialogue, but to be fair, had I done my research prior to or watched Plains in its entirety, I would have understood a little more.

Mary Rinaldi as ‘God' and Antony Aiono as the ‘Satchel Man' carry See? Rinaldi is particularly adept at delivering a pretty hefty existentialist monologue, which in less experienced hands would have been a drone. Aiono truly does appear as if he is carrying the weight of the world as he contemplates his fate.

God is not having it though; bored by the role of saviour, s/he just wants to have fun.

The use of an open space is interesting as the actors have very little in the way of props. Rinaldo uses Aiono as a stage as she pushes, jumps, flattens and challenges him.

I would like to review See? again as one act in five as written for Plains, shown in its entirety and in context.  
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