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Auckland Fringe 2013
Choreographers: Emma Payne, Kate Cummings, Bre Gentry, Matthew Moore

at Leys Institute Gymnasium Hall, Ponsonby, Auckland
From 28 Feb 2013 to 1 Mar 2013
[45 mins]

Reviewed by Felicity Molloy, 1 Mar 2013

InsideOut Dance presents an energetic dance blend at the old Gym in Ponsonby's historic Leys Institute, to an audience largely consisting of parents and friends. You will beare  greeted with home-made cakes and water; much needed thirst quenching on yet another lovely, hot extended summer evening. Evening light through the large old windows holds hands with simple but effective theatre lighting. Music is live accompaniment by young local artist, Chloe Bartlett, who sings and plays keyboards with a jazzy edge. She is ably accompanied by acoustic guitar player, Zac Williams. The music at times drives the dance movement but as often curtails the dancers' more organic rights to phrasing, expression and emphasis.
The last time I was at St Leys I watched a pile of youngsters flip and joyfully slide around gym equipment. This event is similar, in that the performers, who are quite a bit older than the tiny gymnasts, are still a pick-and-mix of charm and exuberance, with movement phrases only slightly marred by chaotically driven choreographic interactions.

A blend of dance genres: swing, textbook contemporary and the occasional hip hop move also speaks of a less intelligible artistic meld but the mercurial flow of Matthew Moore and Conor Young produces plenty of watch-able moments. The rest of the group; Bre Gentry, Emma Payne, Joseph Toso and Kate Cummings form and reform in sequences at a hell-for-leather pace. At the same time, I am struck by an overtly gendered twist: as the males leave their partners the females become wooden, lost.

Of particular choreographic interest are the dancers' entrances through audience and the creative possibilities cast by working in the round. For an early foray into professional dance, InsideOut Dance on the whole is an uneven offering, but the intention to create work in unusual and evocative locations is lovely and right.

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