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WITHOUT ME, I’M NOTHING at Fringe Bar, 26 Allen St, Wellington
reviewed by Patrick Davies 6 Mar 2015
A great fun show with a very big heart
A small audience warms up very quickly to his slick and easy patter in a show all about him: “You may call me narcissistic, but I think you mean realistic”. And what a show, what a life. From the middle of the outback to getting to the doorstep of his favourite Scandinavian. [more]

THE BOY ON THE SWING at Fortune Theatre Studio, Dunedin
reviewed by Alison Embleton 6 Mar 2015
Stimulating and bizarre with a sense of enjoyment and self-reflection
Counterpoint’s 2015 season opener, The Boy on the Swing – by English playwright Joe Harbot – is a simple story on the surface. But as the audience follows main character, Earl Hunt, on his quest for contentment and happiness, the story takes some surprising turns. Ranging from absurd and amusing to eerily sinister, Earl’s interactions with the other characters create the opportunity for him to ask what many would consider life’s important questions. [more]

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BACK-YARD ODDITY at Thistle Hall, Wellington
reviewed by Lena Fransham 6 Mar 2015
Subaquatic story surfaces sideways, crabwise
Tarpaulins on the windows cast a blue gloom. Feathers strewn among the seats. A fan humming. Washing hanging from a line like stage curtains. The tall man (Chris Tempest) and the woman with long dark hair (Kate Bartlett) approach and proceed to remove their clothes. [more]

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BLACK HOLES AND PAPER CHAINS at Matchbox Studios, 166 Cuba Street, Wellington
reviewed by Shannon Friday 6 Mar 2015
Solid, ironically self-critical and enjoyable until …
Andrew Clarke is an over-thinker. He debates how to introduce healthy conflict into relationships, whether he is in fact the villain of his own story, and just how much he should lean on that bar to appear sexy. His show, Black Holes and Paper Chains, is the result of all this self-examination. [more]

Photo by Cecile and Andrei
MR WIZOWSKI PRESENTS BLOWN AWAY at Newtown Community & Cultural Centre, Wellington
reviewed by Maryanne Cathro 6 Mar 2015
Delightful, funny, zany and clever
The words “balloon” and “entertainment” in the same sentence bring to mind a grinning lunatic twisting long balloons into improbable animals. Shudderworthy. Not so Mr Wizowski. His antics with balloons are full of fun, imagination and surprise. [more]

STAY FROSTY at Drama Christi Studio, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 6 Mar 2015
Total lack of dramatic tension
The circumstances are there in the premise and the structure to produce a good play. There are quite a few good lines of dialogue – but it is as if most of the cast and their director think their primary job is to deliver the dialogue and not bump into the furniture. [more]

PUSSYCAT LOST at BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
reviewed by Hannah Smith 6 Mar 2015
Imaginative and creatively ambitious
Pussycat Lost is a shambolic musical adventure about those gone astray and hunting for love and a place to call home. Ranfurly is a cute kitten with itchy feet and a yearning for adventure, torn between his love for owner-companion Augusta, and his hunger for wider horizons. When he takes the plunge into the great wide world he is catapulted into a series of unlikely adventures. [more]

MY SKETCHEN RULES at Fringe Bar, 26 Allen St, Wellington
reviewed by Shannon Friday 6 Mar 2015
Lazy and/or incompetent, possibly both
Like so many others, I was drawn to My Sketchen Rules by the marketing material. I love 7 Days, and Jono and Ben at Ten is OK if the movie of the week sucks. So I went in with reasonably high expectations: some snappy writing, maybe some political satire from the 7 Days team, and some skill and care put into arranging it. None of these things happens. This show feels like it was thrown together in a weekend as an after-school project by 7th Form students desperate for extra credit. [more]

reviewed by Jo Blick 6 Mar 2015
All good, silly fun
Where were you, Wellington? There was a daffy, wee Fringe show that was sorely in need of an audience last night and you weren’t there. Not that the lack of bums on seats seemed to affect the hosts of My Celebrity Husbands and Maybe Some Wives. Bronwyn and Jose, the stars of the evening have the sort of offbeat, throw away style that enables them to skate over the obvious difficulties of performing a show the needs audience participation, without much of an audience present. [more]

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HĪKOI at Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 5 Mar 2015
The play isn’t a judgement story. But it is a winding twisting tale that sheds light on attempts of what today would be called cultural genocide. It explores the ramifications of foster care, the abuse at schools, the separation of family and the gradual brainwashing that percolated through thousands of children who were taught that to move forward the past must be forgotten. [more]

DON QUIXOTE at St James Theatre, Wellington
reviewed by Lyne Pringle 5 Mar 2015
Consummately crafted, elegantly performed
Don Quixote is a story about the quest for ideal love. It drips romance. The lovers, Basilio danced by Kohei Iwamoto and Kitri, Mayu Tanigaito are shining stars in these roles. There is a believable complicité between them as they move with elegant musicality from gorgeous flirtation, to deeply felt tenderness, to virtuoso brilliance. Tanigaito embodies Kitri with every insouciant flick of her fan. [more]

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2 Mar 2015 - BATS THEATRE LIMITED STAB 2015 Producer Fixed Term Contract POSITION DESCRIPTION POSITION PURPOSE The STAB commission is an integral part of the annual BATS Theatre programme. STAB originated in 1995 from BATS’ desire to initiate a commission that allowed theatre artists to experiment in a supportive environment. The STAB commission is funded by Creative New Zealand and commissioned by BATS, with BATS acting as the Executive Producer. The purpose of this position is to be the Wellington based producer for the project that has received the 2015 major STAB commission. This project is a collaboration between BATS, Long Cloud Youth Theatre and Canberra Youth Theatre.   [more]

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