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Latest Theatre and Performance Reviews
SALUTE - REMEMBERING WORLD WAR at St James Theatre, Wellington
reviewed by Jan Bolwell (DANZ Magzine) 25 May 2015
Reminders of war and death
It is a joy to once again experience Jiři Kylián’s masterwork Soldier’s Mass, first performed by the RNZB in 1998. Set to a score by Bohuslav Martinů for a male choir, its context is the Second rather than the First World War. That matters not a jot, for this brilliant piece of choreography makes universal statements about war and ‘the pity of war’. The men dance as a choir, surging through the space in formations that constantly dissolve and then reintegrate. They sink into the ground into prayer positions, rise and lift each other, and then push upstage, often with their backs to the audience, always with a sense of internal and external motion that cannot be stilled. [more]

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SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER THE MUSICAL at Queenstown Memorial Hall, Queenstown
reviewed by Tanya Surrey 25 May 2015
An entertaining night out
The show tells the story of Tony Manero, an Italian American living with his family in Brooklyn in 1976. He spends his weekends at the local discotheque revelling in the admiration he gets from the crowd for his dancing. [more]

THE MENAGERIE MAY 2015 at Fringe Bar, 26 Allen St, Wellington
reviewed by Thomas Aitken 24 May 2015
Diverse and eclectic
At the end of every month Wellington’s Fringe Bar becomes a singing, dancing and laughing hot house of good old fashioned burlesque. The Menagerie is masterminded by Rachel Rogue who brings together a freakishly eclectic mix of talented performers for a truly unique and raunchy variety show. [more]

LYSISTRATA at BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
reviewed by Jonathan Kingston-Smith 23 May 2015
A savage, explosively entertaining whip-crack of a play
Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is a play of sexual politics in the most direct sense. At a spritely 2426 years old, it is couched in the structure and techniques of Greek Old Comedy, although it demonstrates a shift away from rigid observation of those guidelines. Ultimately its goal is to expose the populace to scathing political and social statements cloaked beneath a veneer of absurdity. So it is unsurprising that The Bacchanals, those vigilante thespians, have taken Lysistrata and dragged it – quivering and moaning – into a contemporary climate where the prime minister views the lives of 143 troops as an acceptable down-payment for admission to ‘the club’. [more]

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CHEKHOV GONE WILDE at Garnet Station Café, 85 Garnet Rd, Westmere, Auckland
reviewed by Lexie Matheson 23 May 2015
Flashes of glory, sadness, silliness and great humanity
Each scene stands alone and makes excellent theatre while collectively they paint a picture of the blissful damage done by Cupid, that chubby wee boy with the bow. Graham subtly reminds us that Cupid is from the Latin ‘cupido’ meaning not just romantic love but desire as well and there’s achingly, painfully, plenty of that too. [more]

THE RITE OF SPRING (2013) at BATS Theatre, The Propeller Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
reviewed by Jillian Davey 22 May 2015
Exhausting,charming, intelligent dance batlles
It’s not until mid-way through, when the dancers take a quick break to change the clothes they’ve sweated through and have a few gulps of water that I realise how easily I’ve slipped into my university days. I put away my pen and paper for a while to enjoy the performative aspect of the evening. As Lee and Martins switch corners, it dawns that it’s a game; a marathon, a sporting event and a spectacle that should be enjoyed by the spectators, not recorded. [more]

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FALLOUT: THE SINKING OF THE RAINBOW WARRIOR at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
reviewed by Kathryn van Beek 22 May 2015
Fresh telling a timely reminder
That was thirty years ago now, and many New Zealanders weren’t yet born when the ship went down. But the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior is too important an event to forget – so how do you bring it to life for the people who didn’t experience it first-hand? Writer Bronwyn Elsmore’s new play is the answer to that question. It pulls you into the events by following four people whose lives were changed by the Rainbow Warrior in different ways. [more]

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CHRIS PARKER - NO MORE DANCING IN THE GOOD ROOM at The Basement Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
reviewed by Adam Naughton 21 May 2015
Intimately fabulous
[APOLOGY: This review somehow did not get published when it was submitted on 6 May. Here it is now. – ED] Growing up as kids we become familiar with spaces in the house e.g. the space to sit at the table and eat properly, the outside space to run around and do crazy stuff (like break windows and tackle each other), the space for reading and sleeping … and the space with valuable stuff in it where you should be careful and sensible. [more]

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JARRED FELL - POSSIBLE at Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland
reviewed by Stewart Lund 18 May 2015
One of New Zealand's best
What makes Fell such an enjoyable watch is his ability to lull the audience and his oft-unsuspecting participants into a false sense of security (or occasional insecurity, such as during the almost unbelievable pick-pocketing sequence). We are taken on a journey through each segment, and the pay-off or punchline is always worthwhile. [more]

THE ARMED MAN at Whitireia Performance Centre, 25-27 Vivian Street, Wellington
reviewed by Ann Hunt 18 May 2015
A most effective coda to the futility of this war and all wars
Coming as it does in the sequence of the recent World War One commemorations, The Armed Man is a most effective coda to the futility of this war and all wars. [more]

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22 Apr 2015 - CALL FOR DIRECTORS The Summer Shakespeare Trust (Wellington) is seeking a Director for the 2016 Summer Shakespeare production Directors will be asked to choose from one of the following plays: Henry VIII | Julius Caesar | Love's Labour's Lost | The Comedy of Errors | Much Ado About Nothing   [more]

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28 Mar 2015 - ADAM NZ PLAY AWARD 2015 WINNERS ANNOUNCED New Zealand’s dark history and violent present revealed in award-winning plays. PLAYMARKET is pleased to announce the ADAM NZ PLAY AWARD winners for 2015: Anders Falstie-Jensen for Centrepoint and Hone Kouka for Bless the Child. The Adam NZ Play Award recognises and celebrates the best in new writing for the theatre. Director of Playmarket Murray Lynch announced the win at Circa Theatre on 28 March 2015 alongside four other special award winners.   [more]

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